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Moeck Rottenburgh Altos

In 1966 the renowned recorder maker Friedrich von Huene had the chance to play and examine nearly all the original recorders kept in European museums. His work resulted in the design of the Moeck Rottenburgh baroque recorders in modern tuning, based on the instruments made by Jean-Hyacinth-Joseph Rottenburgh (Brussels, 1672-1756). Moeck Rottenburgh recorders are made in the factory founded by Dr.Hermann Moeck at Celle, near Hanover, in Germany.

Rottenburgh recorders have a pure and balanced tone in all registers, with a sonorous lower register and clear high register. They have a carrying tone, whether played in small or large ensembles. They also lend themselves perfectly for solo pieces, e.g. for sonatas with basso continuo. They have a warm full sound for ensemble playing and are beautifully clear and expressive as a solo instrument.

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