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Alto Recorders

Sometimes called Treble recorders, Altos are the main solo instrument of the recorder range. There is a vast quantity of baroque music written specifically for the Alto recorder. The Alto is bigger than the Soprano, and smaller than the Tenor.

Alto recorders are in F, which means that the fingering is different from a soprano recorder. Rather, the fingering is the same, but different notes are produced. All fingers down produces an F in the Alto, but a C in the soprano. Once you have learned the F fingerings, you can use them on sopranino and bass instruments as well. Sopranos and Tenors are in C.

Most of the Altos we offer are baroque in style and fingering. The Mollenhauer Dream recorders however are based on Renaissance instruments, but with standard baroque fingering. The Mollenhauer Elody is a new design that can be used as a modern acoustic recorder or as an electric recorder. 

We are able to offer the following ranges of Alto recorders:

Kung Studio
Moeck Flauto Rondo
Moeck Rottenburgh
Mollenhauer Denner
Kung Superio
Kung Marsyas 
Mollenhauer Renaissance

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