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Soprano recorders (sometimes called descant recorders) are the most popular recorder instruments sold. They are widely used to teach music in schools. But they are not just a children’s instrument, and there is much serious music written for soprano recorder. When playing with recorder consorts or groups, often the soprano carries the melody.

Recorders are in C so they use the C fingering. We can provide recorders in modern pitch (currently a=442) and in Baroque pitch (a=415).  

We carry soprano recorders from Kung, Moeck and Mollenhauer. There is a separate section for school, or child beginner, sopranos. For a serious adult beginner, you might also consider the Moeck Flauto Rondo,  the Kung Studio recorders, and the Mollenhauer Adri's Dream recorder, all of which are a step up from school recorders and a good starting point for a serious learner.

School Sopranos

Kung Studio

Moeck Flauto Rondo

Moeck Rottenburgh

Mollenhauer Denner

Kung Superio

Kung Marsyas

Mollenhauer Dream

Soprano recorders for experienced players

Sopranos for more experienced players come in a wider range of woods, and are generally 3-piece rather than 2-piece instruments, allowing for adjustment of the position of the lower holes. There is a range of prices – partly to do with the wood, partly to do with the quality of manufacture.

Soprano Recorders

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