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Kung Superio Sopranos

Kung is a Swiss firm of recorder makers, who celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2008. Their workshops are in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The recorders are machine made using high end technology, then all the instruments are finished by hand and played to check sound and tuning. 

The Superio range combines the characteristics of both historical and modern recorders, incorporating the strengths of both while avoiding the drawbacks. They offer an overtone-rich, complex, sweet, and gentle tone quality, stability of pitch, sensitivity to articulation, and wider range of dynamic expression characteristic of baroque instruments, but they also provide good high register response, full resonant middle and low registers, and ease of playing typical of modern recorders. They blend well in ensembles, yet have sufficient character and projection to be used as solo instruments. They are designed to be played at higher breath pressures, have some degree of blowing resistance, and are recommended primarily to intermediate and advanced players.

The exterior form of the soprano, alto and tenor instruments in this line is derived from an original alto baroque recorder by Rippert. All models have curved windways.

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