Mollenhauer Renaissance Altos

Mollenhauer offer three ranges of renaissance style recorders: Adri's Dream, Dream Edition and the Kynseker Consort.

The two Dream recorders have been developed by Dutch recorder maker Adriana Breukink, and are based on renaissance recorders, with a broad bore and big finger holes. They give a full and broad sound, which works well in ensembles. The distinctive shape and ornamental rings are visually attractive.

Adri's Dream recorders are in pearwood. Dream Edition recorders are all in Plumwood with Maple rings. Hand finished and of a high standard they are suitable for demanding solo and ensemble repertoire.

The Kynseker consort recorders are based on the original set of instruments by Hieronymous Kynseker, now in the German National Museum. They are ideal for Renaissance and Early Baroque music.

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