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Bass Recorders

Bass Recorders make up the bottom section of the recorder family. The category includes a number of sizes of bass recorder. The smallest (and highest sounding) is the bass, or basset recorder, which is in F. Then we have the Great Bass or C bass, then the contrabass or F bass, then the Sub Great Bass (in C) and the Sub Contra Bass (in F).  We offer here a selection of Bass and Great Bass recorders.

Because these recorders are big, and the holes far apart, they will always have keys to help reach the holes. Some are called Knick Tenors, or Bent Tenors, because the top section is at an angle. This means that you can hold the recorder further up your body and makes it easier to reach the holes.

Some basses are direct blown (as other recorders are) and some use a bocal or crook, which is a metal tube that fits into the top of the recorder and curves down so that you can reach it more easily. Some models are designed to allow both methods of blowing.

You may want to use a sling to help you hold up the recorder. The larger models also benefit from spikes that allow the recorder to rest on the floor as you play.

We are able to offer the following ranges of Bass and Great Bass recorders:

Moeck Flauto Rondo

Moeck Rottenburgh

Kung Superio


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