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Moeck Flauto Rondo Sopranos

The name Moeck  stands for the constant development of reliable methods of production and the implementation of the most recent sophisticated technology. The simple recorders for beginners have been transformed into absolutely reliable high quality instruments, which customers world wide know to appreciate. Moeck are based in Germany.


The Moeck Flauto Rondo range is designed for players who have gained some experience and require a more flexible tone and increased dynamic potential. It is light in weight, comfortable to hold and allows for easy fingering. The Flauto Rondo has a balanced tone in all registers, which blends in well in ensemble playing. The wood of choice is maple wood or pear wood. The Rondo is the suitable instrument for those looking for an inexpensive and reliable recorder, and who enjoy making music with other recorder players. However it does not mean that their owners should shy away from playing solo repertoire.

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